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Weber Genesis

 Brand Promise – Reigniting the unique taste

The Challenge

Weber-Stephen Products: “Can you create a Weber Genesis commercial that conveys the top benefits to the consumers and make them think “I want a Genesis Grill”, without showing any people in it?

And can you make it work worldwide in different versions for TV, digital, in-store and events? The reply Yes, we can! We make the grill, the inspiring food, the easy-to-use app and the delicious results play the lead role.

We make sure it’s easily adaptable to other countries by avoiding people, locations and talking faces. And even though it’s wintertime in Denmark, the film will make grillers around the world dream of summertime, being a master chef and having the fantastic Genesis Grill.

The creative touch With carefully chosen clips we show what Weber grills are all about: Taste, heat, smell, design, quality, love of food, good life.

We created the summer-vibe and garden environment with 3D graphics to make it melt seamlessly into the scenes as an integrated part of the experience.

The result The film and its special qualities played a significant role in making the Weber Genesis the best-selling product in the history of Weber considering the great story and the millions and millions of views worldwide.