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Kayak Meta Search Barcelona

Building the plane while flying it

Isn’t motion graphics just a great tool for gimmicks? Well, it’s a great tool.

And, sure, it can be used to spice up a cheap production or as a cover-up for a weak idea. At Hide the Zebra we use motion graphics for far more exciting things. To make effective communication for instance in ways that you will probably not notice unless you are told. Which is the basic idea of every tool we use to make our clients’ communication look great.

In the case of KAYAK, motion graphics are used to produce tactical ads that sell while branding the unique KAYAK offer. By igniting the squares in KAYAK’s brand CVI with motion graphic animation, we ensure that the communication is always recognizable.

And we add an extra element – a glimpse – creating associations to the diamond-like sun glitter in the water, a sunbeam reflecting in glass, throwing patterns on walls, the gleam in the disco ball = connotations about happy travel experiences for customers.

The use of motion graphics also makes it possible to combine the high level of information in KAYAK’s ads with high visual quality, filled with high suspension, delicious sliding graphics, precise timing, nice, cool footage, and delicious smooth sound – all clipped and colour graded in a beautiful way.

On top of that, the meticulously planned production also makes it simple to produce a lot of different ads and localize them to a lot of markets based on generic “holiday” footage. That’s what makes an expensively looking ad cheap in total, where cheap ads often end up being very costly.