DPPO Explainer film about Pelagic Fish

How do you convince people that there is nothing fishy about pelagic fishing?


Fish is one of the best sources we can get. Unfortunately, many of the species of fish that we appreciate most are endangered.
But what about the fish that is not on the human menu? Interestingly, these fish are very good at reproduction and are found in ample, if not inexhaustible, stocks in the big seas. So, it’s a shame if the world’s need for protein should stay unmet because all fish are seen as one vulnerable category.

The challenge for the Danish Pelagic (pelagic = fish living in upper layers of the open sea) Production Organisation is that it’s not an easy job to overcome prejudice with facts. And one of the biggest challenges is that showing the real story with big catches will only confirm the prejudice event if it’s a good story.
So, we build a graphic universe for DPPO to tell the story of how you can help meet the world’s need for protein effectively and sustainably way – and comply with all regulations at the same time.