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Danske Bank. KYC

How intelligent design can make potential offenses look good

Danske Bank – how intelligent design can make potential offenses look good

The challenge

It’s a classic: when a company is obliged by law to make life more complicated for their customers, they blame the company, not the politicians. That was the case when Danske Bank implemented KYC (the Know Your Customers regulation) requiring customers to present their passports or driver’s license to execute a transaction.
The question was: is it possible to break through the shield of irritation and mistrust and create acceptance just by explaining what KYC is?


The reply

Of course, we can. Like any other type of communication explainer videos must comply to the rule that it’s all about what the receiver wants to perceive, not what the sender wants to tell. We put our best competences in motion with the aim of delivering an outstanding film that not only will make customers fully understand Danske Banks KYC policies. But at the same time put an extra layer on Danske Bank’s brand image as a responsible, professional, and attractive bank which takes proper care of their customers’ investments.

The creative touch

Together with the client, Hide The Zebra boiled the storyline down into a tight script and storyboard. Via creative intuitive 3D animations, cool effects, live action, high quality grading, great voice over and smooth music we created an atmosphere that captured the customers throughout the film and got the message through.


The result

Hundreds of thousands of Danske Bank customers have seen the film and have been informed about the KYC procedures in a way that makes proper sense.